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“Indradhanush” means a bow made of colors At Indradhanush kids we are dedicated to creating vibrant kids” by identifying their potentials and giving them a platform to pursue their passion.

Thousands of educated, talented and aspiring women traveled with their husbands to a foreign land in search of a world of perfection. However soon this mirage of colorful world gradually fades for them when they are stuck at home in an unknown land, lonely and over-burdened with chores and family commitments. No moral support of help to pursue their career of passion.

On the other hand, there are thousands of children who are born in such families. They search for their identity. They want to feel confident of who they are and where their roots are. This confidence will make them a positive contribution to the society they live in.

Indradhanush kids is a bridge to connect the two ends of this string.

We are IndradhanushKids Academy CIC (www.indradhanushkidsacademy.com), a premier institution based in Watford, United Kingdom who work towards promoting South Asian music, dance, and literature. We work with local charities and schools as well. Our students can train and achieve industry recognised certification. We also work towards :

  • Addressing mental health issues of South Asian women and children in UK
  • Improving mental health with music and dance in the UK
  • Addressing loneliness in women from South Asian backgrounds in UK.
  • Working with specially-abled children from the South Asian backgrounds and trying to address the taboo linked to disabilities in such children.
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